Writing a College Essay “Why Choose This Major”

There are several types of essays in college. People learn to write articles depending on specific topics they need to address in the given assignments. Students need to ensure that they participate in all ideas concerning the essays present in the universities and colleges. The articles are essential in preparing university graduates to face the real world as they get employed in different parts. Several companies are searching for employees equipped with specific skills such as writing reports and essays. 

Every college applicant needs to answer a common prompt essay that goes “Why This Major.” The article is familiar to all the students on campuses and colleges. Our post is meant to teach you how to write such types of prompts, their examples, and how you can respond to such kinds of questions. Students need some tips, which we will discuss in our post to answer the question asked correctly. Essay writing is one of my motivation for earning a degree essay.

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Explanation of the “Why This Major” essay

Students joining the university will have to submit two essays during the admission process, including supplementary reports and personal statements. When you write your information, you will take the idea to all the schools that want to apply. The personal statement enables you to explain and share your development and express who you are. Some of the information to include in the report consists of your name, age, career, gender, and hobby. The colleges need to understand some of the skills you possess and how you can apply the skills to your studies. 

The supplementary essay is essential to showcase how you fit into the school. Specific schools require the article, and each school requires particular pieces. Some of the questions that students should answer include describing some extracurricular, the reason for choosing a specific college, and why you desire to do a particular major. The colleges need to know what interests you in one specific major and understand your educational background, your passion for the major you choose, and the plans you intend to do with the skills you will learn from your preferred major. The essay requires you to cover the specific resource that will help you to achieve your goal. 

Examples of such essay prompt

There are different real-life examples of “Why This Major” that some universities require. Yale requires applicants to write their prompts in a certain way like the following: students who apply for Yale have much time to explore different academic interests before majoring in one field. After exploring several areas, the students decide their favorite subject and interest. 

Purdue requires applicants to write an essay with 100 words that respond to the reasons for choosing to pursue the selected major. Carnegie Mellon College requires students to discuss how their field of study evolved using 300 words. The college understands that some students chose the college because of their evolving passion for a particular topic. UPenn College requires students to write an essay of between 300-400 words explaining the process by which they chose the major. Students discover their academic interests and intellectual in different ways, and they also have different ways of exploring their major. 

Tips for writing the “Why This Major” essay

  • It would be best if you shared how, you developed your academic interest. 
  • Explain the reasons and goals for choosing your major
  • Explain the choice of your school


The “Why This Major” is an essay that all students need to learn to succeed in college application.

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