Essay on Is a College Degree Necessary for Success

The world is fast evolving, with many people going to schools to study to attain a good lifestyle and steady jobs and income. Many people graduate from high school and join colleges and universities, while others drop out after their high school education. There are very many questions concerning the college degree. Thinking of how to write an “Is it necessary to get a college degree to be successful” essay? Read the sample below or get guided help with your essay writing at ibuyessay service.

Many students are told throughout their childhood that a college degree is essential for a successful life. Some children listen to advice from their seniors and end up working hard to join campus so that they don’t disappoint their families. College degree holders have numerous benefits that may guarantee a promising future and a successful life. Sometimes, it becomes hard to explain why college is an essential part of life. Many employers in America require employees with a college degree, and they would not employ anyone who has not attained the requirements of being a degree holder. 

Some jobs are designed for those with no college degree, but the employers are paid less salary, and they benefit from their work. A college degree is not a necessity but a helpful tool that people require in life. In the modern world, more jobs do not require a college degree. Some of those jobs have numerous benefits and resemble the jobs that require a degree. Many people will get a great source of income, whether they have a degree or not when they work hard. 

Apart from colleges having some advantages such as great opportunities, education, and experience, there are some disadvantages of college education to some people, such as stressful work, time-consuming, and expensive.

Is a college degree still worth it?

Some people lack the potential to pay for college school fees. Some of the expenses in college include travel expenses, housing, food, accommodation, and class equipment. Many people take the student loan, which leads them into debt. Many people run away from debt, and therefore they stay away from a college education. 

Many college graduates may face mental health problems because of working a job while keeping up with classwork and maintaining a good social life. The most important part of a college degree is life after school and working experience. The college graduates enjoy a good salary in their jobs as compared to high school graduates. College graduates not only make high salaries but also have fewer struggles with unemployment. Employers look for college graduates because of their knowledge and skills. Each company requires employees who have experience in their sectors so that they can uphold the company. 

College education has numerous benefits but also possesses some adverse effects

A person who attends college will have to give up four years or more of their lives, which may be considered time wastage. Some people spend more than four years in school pursuing other majors. Some people face a risk of not getting jobs that match their degree of studies. Some fear the chances of unemployment and the debt college students accrue as they pursue their college education. 

People consider the history of success that a person may attain with a university degree. Many students are successful in their lives because they attended colleges. Many admirable people in society and the world are mostly college graduates, which should motivate many high school students out there. Some people are encouraged to join colleges by motivational speakers out of colleges.

A college degree goes a long way to secure a student’s future of achieving their desired goals. All university graduates should be happy because they have more access to different jobs at their disposal. The students need to strive to look for jobs that satisfy their needs.


Many people wish to join colleges, but they face some problems such as financial problems and other considerations of life. Students must, however, strive to join colleges for a better tomorrow. 

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